An escort gives companionship and time to the client. There may or may not be any sex involved. The escort will accompany the client to different places. She will talk to the client, have dinner with him at expensive restaurants, stay at or even fly abroad for holiday. They are professionals, though some escorts have their personal websites now to eliminate the need for agencies. You need to book them in advance and pay whatever they demand.

Some escort girls act like a girlfriend and provide the intimacy and needs that a man wants as a lover. In contrast, a sex worker normally doesn’t go through any kind of training. They just use their own ability to take care of the clients. Escort girls are often considered part of the entertainment industry.

They provide legal services

Escort service is legal as people are not getting paid for money but for companion. The call girls are educated and well-trained. They know the high-class etiquettes and so they can easily adjust to the luxurious lifestyle they are well groomed to accompany high profile clients. They also mix well in social gatherings. Escort girls are well groomed and they are made to look like well-bred women to be part of the high society.

Chennai escort

It is hard to tell whether the escort is a girlfriend, a wife or an escort. They wear sophisticated and stylish clothes that match with the high-class society. If you’re looking to get away from your life, perhaps what you need is to be spoiled by an attractive lady. You can book escorts for a week to be your assistant or partner, and she will show you and treat you to things that other people don’t normally get to do. When the weekends, she will return home and leave you with wonderful memories of her company and time spent together.


Escorts earn huge amount of money and get the opportunity to enjoy a luxury lifestyle. They provide legal services and they are always trained and groomed to meet the demand of the high society clients. So, escort services are actually quite different from other sex workers. They stay in luxury hotels and drive in luxury automobiles. They are also given the best possible working environment.